Jonathan nadeau suffered through traumatic events and loss early in his life and if it wasn’t for finding a creative outlet he might have gone down a dark path in his life.

After he lost his sight in a car accident he went on to learn how to play guitar.

After that at the age of 30 he went back to school and recieved a degree in computer science and then created a Linux operating system call Sonar GNU/Linux that was used in over 30 countries.
Being a blind computer user he knew the importance of accessible technology and wanted to provide access to computers to others around the world that depended on assistive technology.

Through the creation of Sonar GNU/Linux he discovered the power of open source software and interned at the FSF and he then created the Northeast Linux fest that started at Worcester State but ended up at Harvard University for four years. Read this article on Jonathan at Computer World.

Then Jonathan discovered crowdfunding and was excited about the opportunities it provided to everyone to raise money for their creations! So he created a marketing company for crowdfunding and help campaigns raise millions of dollars. You can visit Vimeo and listen to some of the podcast interviews he created with these campaigns.