Jonathan Nadeau

Don’t ignore your trauma.

Most people will experience some level of trauma. How will you respond

Find Your Creative Outlet.

When we express ourselves creatively, we can process our emotions in a healthy way. This can help us to heal from trauma and to find new meaning in our lives.

Connect with others.

Everyone has a creative incling, which you can find others with the same interests and you will find some fans along the way.

Let me help you engnite your creative spark.

Greetings this is Jonathan
At the age of 14 I lost my sight in a car accident and both of my parents had passed away by the time I was 18.
Fuled by anger and hate I took that energy and channeled my storm into a creative outlet
My passion is to help you find purpose, peace and persevere.
For the last 30 years I have owned a computer business and built custom pc’s and notebooks.
Created a Linux opereating system focused on assistive technology used in over 30 countries.
Formed a highly attendedopen source conference at Harvard University
Created a marketing company for crowdfunding campaigns and helped them raise millions.

I would love to hear from you and talk about your employees or students and find their creative outlet.